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ADAM, CHARLES 1990 – 1993
Public member

R. S. Alexander and Sons, Pacific Coast Agents, Rhode Island, Perkins Horseshoe Co.

BACON, ISAIAH 1856 – 1856
Importer, Commission Merchant and Agent for the Boston Underwrites, 30 Front Street. June 1849 Commission Merchant.

BADGER, THOMAS 1871 – 1872 and 1876 – 1880
Shipmaster, Marine Surveyor, Peoples Insurance Company.

BAINBRIDGE, LELAND, B. 1984 – 1990

BAYER, MARC 2001 – 2005
Manager Marine Assurance for Ultramar Inc. since December 2000. Prior to that he was with Alaska Tanker Company from April 1999 to December 2000 and a Marine/Port Superintendent with BP Oil Shipping Co. from 1992, until Alaska Tanker company was formed by BP in 1999. Captain Bayer was on the Board of Directors of Clean Source Oil Spill Cooperative (Puget Sound) until December 2000 and served on the Board of Directors for Clean Bay and Clean Coastal Waters Oil Spill Cooperatives in San Francisco and LA/Long Beach. Captain Bayer also served on the San Francisco Harbor Safety Committee and on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Marine Exchange. He holds a U.S. Coast Guard Unlimited Masters License and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the California Maritime Academy.

Attorney, City Alderman 1851-1852. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance.

BOWEN, GEORGE T. 1897 – 1898

BRIEN, LEO 1987 – 1988
SeaLand Srv. Drycargo

BROOKS, MATTHEW 2018 – 2019
William Mathews Brooks, 67, of San Francisco, was appointed by Governor Brown to the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo and Suisun on December 14, 2018, as a public member.  Matt Brooks has been president at Ardenbrook Inc. since 1980. He was president at Wm. Mathews Inc. from 1977 to 1979. Brooks is an accomplished mountain guide who is also the founder of Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment in Fremont. He has set world records in flight distance and speed. He is an avid sailor who has restored two classic sailing vessels, Lucie and Dorade that continue racing after eight decades. Brooks earned a Juris of Doctor degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.  He also served on the advisory board at the United States Merchant Marine Academy located in Kings Point, New York.

BROWN, HENRY S. 1864 – 1867
Shipmaster, Marine Surveyor. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance.

BRUCE, JAMES H. 1891 – 1895
Shipmaster, Marine Surveyor, Firemans Fund Insurance Company.

BULGER, MARTIN 1887 – 1891
Chief Engineer. Came to California in the Gold Rush. Chief Engineer on many pioneer steamers including the SS. Goliah. Served on the coast, also on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. Chief and Superintending Engineer for the Pacific Mail Company. Steamboat Inspector, San Francisco.

CADUC, PHILLIP 1886 – 1890 and 1895 – 1898
Financier, Arrived San Francisco June 3, 1849, 137 days around the Horn from Baltimore. Went to the mines that winter and made $8000 then returned to San Francisco and entered the steamship business on the bay and rivers, freight and passengers. Among his vessels were the SS. Cora and SS. Parthenia. Also was agent for the American Commercial Co. quarries near Folsom. Operated the Napa Soda Springs Co. President, of the Patent Brick Co., at 240 Montgomery Street. Commodore of the Pacific Yacht Club and recognized as one of the ablest financiers on the Pacific Coast.

CERVETTO, JOSEPH 1971 – 1976

CHARLESWORTH, R. L. 1986 – 1993
San Francisco Bar Pilot

CONNOLLY, DAVID 2013 – 2020
David Connolly was appointed by Governor Brown to the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo and Suisun on February 28, 2013, and reappointed on February 24, 2016, to a new four-year term. Mr. Connolly is one of three public member representatives on the Board.  Mr. Connolly has been vice president of the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific since 2000. He was an operator with the San Francisco Bar Pilots from 1996 to 2000 and was an able seaman at Chevron Shipping Company from 1991 to 1996. Mr. Connolly is a trustee for the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific Welfare Plan, and a delegate and former president at the Alameda Labor Council.

COOK, GEORGE 1854 – 1854
Oil and camphene manufacturer.

COOLIDGE, JOSEPH A. 1881 – 1883
Secretary to the Merchants Exchange Association.

Serves as operations manager for Technical Services for the Chevron Shipping Company, where he has been employed since 1971 in a number of managerial positions ranging from master aboard tankers to shoreside manager of a diverse number of business units. Previously, he served as a member of the National Pilotage Committee for the American Institute of Merchant Shipping. He has also served as chairman of the Western Oil & Gas Association Marine subcommittee, and the Western State Petroleum Association. Since its inception in 1990, he has been a member of the San Francisco Bay Harbor Safety Committee for the Department of Fish and Game’s Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response. He also has a history of involvement in the tanker industry. He was the first chairman of the Prince William Sound Tanker Association and is currently an active member of the Ports and Terminals Committee of the Oil Companies International Maritime Forum (OCIMF). He earned a bachelor’s degree in nautical science from the Merchant Marine Academy in St. George-Genoa, Italy.

DIBBLEE, ALBERT 1859 – 1863
Shipping and Commission Merchant, Dibblee and Hyde, 108 Front Street.

DICKOVER, JOSEPH W. 1967 – 1969

DISLEY, HENRY 1976 – 1983

DONOHUE, RAYMOND 1985 – 1987
Matson Navigation

EDWARDS, FRANCIS F. 1931 – 1937
Shipmaster, Commanding Officer USS. Maui World War One. Port Captain, Matson Navigation Company.

ELDRIDGE, OLIVER 1881 – 1883
Shipmaster, Master Clipper ship Memnon, North Atlantic Trade of the Swallowtail Line, Fish, Grinnel and Phelps of Liverpool and New York. Member New York Board of Underwriters, 318 California Street. 1865 – 1873 Agent for the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. Officer of the California Drydock Company. Member of the Geographical Society of the Pacific.

Merchant. Came to San Francisco April 1847. In September 1849 was San Francisco delegate at Monterey to frame a State Constitution. 1849 – Ayuntiemento 1850 Councilman. A founder and member of the First California Guards. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance. Officer of the Vallejo Street Wharf Company. 1851 Assemblyman.

ERSKINE, MELVILLE C. 1903 – 1909
Shipmaster, San Francisco Bar Pilot 1893-1902. Came to the Pacific Coast as Mate in the Ocean Belle. 1858-1893 various commands including the barkentine Jane Falkenberg, SS. Fidalater and SS. Constantine. In 1875 brought out the SS. St. Paul from Philadelphia for the Alaska Trading Company and was in the Alaska trade until 1893.

FAIRFIELD, B. L. 1854 – 1855
Shipmaster, Refiner, United States Mint.

FALASCHI, JAMES 2000 – 2007
Chairman and CEO for Transbay Holdings in Oakland, a property development company. He was the former chairman of the Board of Directors for the Summit Medical Center, is a regent for Samuel Merritt College, is chairman of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, president of the Oakland Ballet, and a member of numerous other community organizations. Mr. Falaschi earned a bachelor of science degree from St. Mary’s College.

Manager of world wide marine fuels for Chevron Products Company, which she has been affiliated with since 1970. Previously, she held several position within the company, working at the Perth Amboy Refinery and directing Chevron’s Far East product training operation based in Singapore. She earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Northeastern university in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970.

FIGARI, WILLIAM V. 1992 – 2000
President of Captain W.V. Figari Marine Consulting in San Francisco. Previously, he was vice president of marine consulting with Marine Research and Planning from 1985 to 1989. He was also the senior vice-president of Crowley Maritime, serving the corporation for 30 years. He attended King’s Point Merchant Marine Academy from 1941 to 1943. He earned a bachelor’s degree in foreign trade from the University of San Francisco in 1941. He holds a U.S. Masters’s license for all oceans and seas and an unlimited pilot license for San Francisco Bay and its tributaries.

FLINT, EDWARD P. 1863 – 1863
Shipping and Commission Merchant. Flint and Peabody, 716 Front Street. Agents for the California Packet Line of Boston and the Glidden and William Line of New York. Treasurer of the American Bible Society. His warehouse and wharf (later the India Dock) was just east of Battery between Greenwich and Filbert Streets. 1849 Founder and member of the First California Guards. 1853 City Alderman. Member of the 1856 Committee on Vigilance.

FOWLER, JAMES L. 1856 – 1856
Shipmaster. Ship chandler.

FLYNN, MARTIN 1859 – 1859
Shipmaster and owner of the SS. Goliah, Coastwise Shipping.

FREEMAN, EGENE M. 1903 – 1912
Shipmaster. San Francisco Bar Pilot 1877-1903.

FREESE, ANDREW C., JR. 1887 – 1890
Shipmaster and owner of the SS. A. E. Freese.


GALLUP, JAMES 1876 – 1880
Ship Chandler and Naval Stores, Heath and Gallup, 58 Clay Street.

Attorney at Law. Marine Engineer.

GATOV, ALBERT W. 1959 – 1965
Steamship executive. Vice President Inland Harbor Storage Company. 1927-1937 Pacific Coast Steamship Company. 1937-1941 Interocean Steamship Company. 1941-1945 United States Army, Major, United States and Persian Gulf Commands. 1945-1950 President Pacific American Steamship Association. 1946 Member Shipping industry Section, U.S.A. , International Labor Organization. 1947 Member Committee of international Trade Organization. 1947 Board of Directors University of California Teaching Institute of Economics. 1948 Member Committee for Reciprocal World Trade. 1950-1953 Member U.S. Federal Maritime Administration Board, 1952-1953 Chairman. 1951 Member U. S. Delegation North Atlantic Treaty Organization, London, Emergency Planning for Ocean Transport. 1954 U. S. Department of Commerce Transportation Council. 1962 U. S. Department of Commerce Regional Export Expansion Council. 1962 U. S. A. Section, North Pacific Fisheries Commission. 1963 Member San Francisco Bay Area Transportation Study Commission. 1965 President San Francisco Maritime Museum. 1965 Member California Public Utilities Commission.

GIBB, DANIEL 1858 – 1858
Importer and Commission Merchant. Fiscal Agent for Mason, Watson and Thompson of Glasgow and Valparaiso. President of the Chamber of Commerce. His bonded warehouse still stands at the northwest corner of Front and Vallejo Streets, presently occupied by the Pelican Paper Company. In the building’s basement are its old opium vaults. 1851 Founder and member of the St. Francis Hook and Ladder Company #1. Member of the 1856 Committee on Vigilance.

GMELCH, GEORGE 1973 – 1983

GOEBEL, MICHAEL 1993 – 1994
Exxon Shipping

President, Alaska Codfish Company.

HAND, THOMAS E. 1997 – 2000
San Francisco Bar Pilot since 1991. From 1990 to 1991 he served as a SFBP trainee. From 1972 to 1990, he was a federally employed pilot for the Panama Canal. From 1968 to 1972, he served as master/chief officer for Phillips Petroleum company, and from 1962 to 1968 he served as both second and third officer for the Chevron Shipping Company. He is also a retired captain of the Naval Reserve. He served as President of the Panama Canal Pilots Association from 1983 to 1984. He has also served on the board of directors of the San Francisco Bay Pilots Association. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Nautical Science from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point in 1962.

HACKETT, JOHN 1895 – 1897
Manager, Pacific Coast Dredging and Reclamation Company.

HAGAN, JAMES 1859 – 1859
Shipmaster. 1850 City Concilman. 1850 Harbormaster. 1853 Delegate to revise the city’s charter. 1858 United Sates Custom Service.

HAGAN, SAMUEL 1850 – 1850

HALL, CHARLES C. 1862 – 1863

HAVEN, JOSHUA P. 1858 – 1858
Sipmaster. Marine Insurance. 1853 City Alderman.

HEATH, RICHARD W. 1859 – 1859
Consul for San Salvador.

HIBBERD, I. N. 1909 – 1911, 1923 – 1931
Shipmaster. Marine Superintendent for Pacific Coast Steamship Company. In the 1880’s as master of the full rigged ship “Cyrus Wakefield” set all time record in sail from San Francisco to Liverpool and return, eight months two days.

HOFF, WILLIAM C. 1854 – 1854
Real Estate. Arrived San Francisco, July 1849.

HOPPES, DAVID 2016 – 2020
David Hoppes of San Francisco, was appointed by Governor Brown to the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun on October 7, 2016, and reappointed by Governor Brown on February 24, 2017, to a new four-year term. Mr. Hoppes represents the Dry Cargo Industry member on the Board. Mr. Hoppes has been a representative at the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association since 2017. Previously, he held several positions at the Matson Navigation Company from 1989 to 2015, including senior vice president of ocean services, and general manager of sales and operations manager. He was principal at Cargo Handling Specialists from 1985 to 1989. Mr. Hoppes also held several positions at the Marine Terminals Corporation from 1978 to 1985, including general manager, operations manager and director of safety. He was a loss-prevention specialist at the Pacific Maritime Association from 1976 to 1978. Mr. Hoppes earned a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from the University of California, Los Angeles.

HOWARD, HORACE Z. 1903 – 1929
Shipmaster. Superintendent, Oceanic Steamship Company’s wharf. Master of the SS.Mariposa in the 1880’s.

HOYT, JAMES T. 1855 – 1855
Representative of the New York and Baltimore Underwriters, 106 Montgomery Street. 1858 Underwriters Agent and United States inspectors of Boilers, U. S. Court Building, Northeast corner of Battery and Washington Streets. 1864 Average Adjuster.

Shipmaster. 1933-1942 San Francisco Bar Pilot. Mate in the SS. Korea and Siberia and Master of the SS. Great Northern for the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. Lieutenant Commander World War One. 1919-1923 Port Captain General Steamship Corporation. 1923-1326 Operating Manager, United States Lines, New York. 1944-1949 Marine Superintendent, General Steamship Corporation.1949-1958 Marine Surveyor.

Shipmaster. United States Custom Service. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance.

JANUARY, GEORGE T. 1923 – 1933
Sipmaster, Dollar Steamship Company (ret.)

JOHNSON, R. P. 1862 – 1862
Also secretary to the Pilot Commission.

JOHNSON, SIGVAL B. 1954 – 1959
Rear Amiral United States Coast Guard (ret.)

JONES, SAUNDERS A. 1993 – 1996
Marine Superintendent at American President Lines, Ltd. in Oakland. He served as assistant marine superintendent from 1989-91. He was manager of vessel operations at Puerto Rico Marine Management, Inc. from 1988-89 and was an officer and shipmaster at United States Lines. He is a graduate of the Suny Maritime College in Marine Transportation. He also holds a U.S. Masters’s license for all oceans and seas.

KANE, NICHOLAS J. 1933 – 1942
Shipmaster. Marine Superintendent American Hawaiian Steamship Company. 1900 Came to the coast in the Bark “Shenandoah”.

KELLY, JOHN JR, 1860 – 1861
Proprietor, Hotel Brooklyn, 215 Broadway.

KNOX, JOHN D. 1956 – 1959
Shipmaster. Steamship Executive. Vice President Weyerhaeuser Steamsip Company. 1938 Graduated New York State Maritime Academy. 1938 to present, Weyerhaeuser Steamship Company. 1938 Third mate. 1943 Master. 1947 Operations Manager. 1962 Vice President. 1963 President, Marine Exchange. 1964-1965 President, Propeller Club.

KLEPPER, JOHN C. 1096 – 1989
Exxon Shipping, Industry, tanker

LA CASS, J.P. 1989 – 1993
Dry cargo representative, APL

LAFFEY, EDWARD M. 1883 – 1886
Shipmaster. Shipping Master.

LAWTON, GARDINER T. 1868 – 1870
Shipmaster. Vice President, Firemans Fund Insurance Company.

LEALE, WILLIAM G. 1899 – 1902
Shipmaster. 1866 came to San Francisco and entered the river trade. 1880 Bought the SS. Caroline and later the tug Frolic. In the 1890’s went with the Southern Pacific Railroad as Captain of their Bay Ferries.

Commission Merchant, Lent, Newell and Compny, 115 Battery Street. 1863 in the Real Estate business and in 1869 had a mining office. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance.

LEONARD, JOSEPH B. 1868 – 1870
Shipmaster. 1862-1863 Port Warden.

LEWIS, WILLIAM T. 1912 – 1920
Shipmaster. Port Superintendent, Hind Rolph Company. Rounded Cape Horn twenty times. ‘Master full rigged ship “Dauntless” from 1887-1891. On her westward passage August-September 1891 took forty nine days to round the Horn againSt westerly gales.

LILLIVAND, DAVID N. 1959 – 1967
Steamship Executive, Vice President Grace Line. 1948-1965 Director Pacific Maritime Association. 1951 President Propeller Club. 1951 President Pacific American Steamship Association. 1959 President Marine Exchange. Member National Defense Transportation Association, Pan American Society, Navy League, Association of the United States Army, Chamber of Commerce, Stock Exchange Club, San Francisco Commercial Club and Claremont Country Club.

President and secretary-treasurer for the Sailors” Union of the Pacific a position he has held since 1990. He served as business agent for the Sailors’ Union from 1982 to 1990. Mr. Lundeberg is a member of the California Labor Federation and the San Francisco Maritime Trades Port Council. He earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Oregon.

MASTEN, NATHAN K. 1860 – 1861
Financier, Banker. Arrived San Francisco 1849 via Cape Horn.

MAY, CHARLES F. 1948 – 1956
Shipmaster. 1937-1956 President Masters Mates and Pilots Local 90. 1948-1952 President international Organization Masters Mates and Pilots, AFL-CIO.

MAYER, ROBERT E. 1993 – 1998
Retired Western regional representative for the U.S. Department of Transportation (1982-89). He formerly was vice president of States Steamship Company in San Francisco. He also serves on the board of trustees for the National Maritime Museum Association and is a member of the Maritime Law Association of the U.S. He received his law degree from William Mitchell College of Law.

MAVO, CHARLES F. 1895 – 1898, 1911 – 1917
Shipmaster. 1860-1894 San Francisco Bar Pilot.

McMICHAEL, WILLIAM C. 1856 – 1858
Shipmaster. 1853 United States Custom Service. 1854 Wharfinger. Member of the 1851 and 1856 Committee on Vigilance.

McMULLIN, GEORGE 0. 1856 – 1856
Jobber and Wholesale grocer. Verplanck and McMullin, 126 Commercial Street, later at Front and Sacramento Streets.

McNIEL, DANIEL 1871 – 1872
Born in Cape Breton in 1819. Came to San Francisco in 1868 as Chief Officer and entered the stevedoring business. He participated in salvaging the gold of the SS. Golden Gate wrecked off the coast of Mexico. Also was a political power on the San Francisco waterfront.

MELVIN, BRADFORD M. 1938 – 1954
Attorney at Law.

MELVIN, EDDIE 1993 – 1996
San Francisco Bar Pilot since 1988. He is a certified U.S. Coast Guard Master in freight and towing vessels.

METCALF, MARY 2000 – 2000
Manager of the Strategic Planning and Analytical Division of Chevron Shipping Company LLC in San Ramon. She has been with Chevron since 1978, working with the Chevron Products Company, Chevron Corporation, and the Chevron Shipping Company LLC. Ms. Metcalf is a member of the Marine Preservation Association and Women in Transportation. She earned a bachelor of science degree from Purdue University and a master in business administration degree from Pepperdine University.

MILLER, DIANE C. 1995 – 2000
Vice president of group marketing for Wells Fargo bank. She has served in many capacities for Wells Fargo Bank since 1979. Previously, from 1993 to 1994, she served a chief operating officer of the Business Banking Division and from 1992 to 1993, she served a chief operating officer of Merchant Card Services. She served as creative director of the bank’s Communicating Arts Department from 1971 to 1991. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English history from the University of Denver in 1970, and earned a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University in 1992.

of San Francisco is currently a government affairs advisor in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Previously, Miller served as senior vice president of government and industry affairs at ACE INA Insurance. He headed the Washington D.C. government affairs office from 1999 to 2004. He is a member of the Commonwealth Club of California and the Marines’ Memorial Association.

MINTURN, CHARLES 1850 – 1850
Shipping and Commission Merchant. Agent for the Peoples Line Steamers. 1849 Ayuntiemento. 1850 City Alderman. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance. A prominent figure in estabishing the first trans-bay ferry service in 1851, maintaining this service until 1866. From 1862 to 1865 he also had a ferry service to Petaluma with the Steamers Contra Costa and Petaluma which ran in conjunction with his Petaluma and Haystack Railroad until forced to sell to the powerful North Pacific Railroad Company. Arrived San Francisco October 1849.

MOLONY, J. R. 1851 – 1852
Hotel keeper.

MORENO, JOHN C. 1937 – 1938
Shipmster. San Francisco Bar Pilot 1925-1929.

Port operations manager for Sea-Land Service, Inc. a position she has held since 1995. In this position she oversees terminal operations for all aspects of ship and for the company’s Oakland container facility. Sea-Land is one of the largest U.S. global transportation and logistics company in the country, operating more than 100 containerships and more than 220,000 containers in the world. Previously from 1987 to 1991, she served as a business manager for the Port of New York and New Jersey. In this position, she oversaw a number of strategic planning projects. She served as a senior transportation analyst for Exxon International from 1982 to 1986. IN addition, she served as a special assistant to Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger from 1986 to 1987, where she worked on congressional projects associated with the Strategic Defense Initiative and the Defense Advisory Committee in Women in the Services, she made recommendations to Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney on issues pertaining to the increased utilization of women in the Armed Forces. For her work, she was awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service in 1990. She began her career as a Third Mate, sailing for Arco Marine, where she supervised operations aboard supertankers en route from Alaska to the east/west coast of the U.S. and Panama.

NELSON, CHARLES 1872 – 1875
Shipping and Lumber Business. President of the John C. Kentfield Company, retail lumber. Also the D. R. Jones Company of Eureka. 1881 left the above companies and became agent for several lumber firms, at this time he also managed twenty-seven vessels in the lumber trade. 1887 joined the Pacific Lumber Company, later becoming its president. He was a director of the W. H. Perry Lumber Company of Los Angeles and Vice President of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

NICHOLSON, JOHN Y. 1855 – 1856
Shipmaster. 1852 Shipping and Ship Broker. 1858 Shipping Master, Davis near Pacific Streets. 1864 Custom House Broker and Shipping Master. 1870 Shipping Master at Southeast corner of Davis and Jackson Streets. Member of the 1856 Committee on Vigilance.

NOYES, AMOS 1871 – 1872
Shipmaster. Marine Surveyor. 1854 Port Warden.


PETTIT, N. 1852 – 1855
Shipmaster. City Alderman 1851-1852. Grain and Produce Merchant, Pettit and Robins, 38 Clay Street.

PIERCE, NELSON 1861 – 1861, 1864 – 1867
Shipmaster, Proprietor Southern Dispatch Line Packets. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance.

PRADA, OSCAR 2019 – 2022
Captain Oscar Prada was appointed by Governor Newsom to the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun on June 20, 2019. Captain Prada is currently a marine superintendent at Chevron Shipping Company, has held this position since 2014, and has held various mariner positions for the company since 1990. He obtained his San Francisco Bay federal pilotage endorsement from the United States Coast Guard in 2005, and was promoted to captain at Chevron in 2007. He served as a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve from 1990 to 2002. Captain Prada’s appointment fills an industry member position on the Board representing the field tanker company operations, and his term expires on December 31, 2022.  Captain Prada relocated to Texas and resigned from his position on the Board on October 27, 2022.

PRATT, CHARLES H. 1899 – 1902
Arctic Oil Company, Whaling and Whale Oil.

First President of the Pilot Commission. Commander U. S. Navy. 1839-1842 as a Lieutenant he commanded the Brig USS. Porpoise in the Wilkes Antarctic Expedition. This long voyage commenced at Hampton Roads thence to Brazil, the Antarctic, Chile, Peru, Tuamotos, Tahiti, Samoa, Austraiia, again to the Antarctic, returning to Australia then northward to the Fijis, Tongas, Ellice, Marshall and Hawaiian Islands, Puget Sound, the Columbia River, San Francisco , (October 29-November 1, 1841), Honolulu, Singapore, the indian Ocean round Africa to New York. January 16, 1840 the first landfall in the Antarctic was made from the USS. Porpoise. This land was claimed for the squadron by Wilkes and its highest peak was named Ringgold’s Knoll. 1849-1850 made the first detailed survey of the Bar, Entrance and Bay of San Francisco, San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay, the Sacramento River to Sacramento. Drew first detailed charts of the same and compiled the first Sailing Directions for these waters.

ROBERTS, GARY 1995-1997
Pacific Region Marine Superintendent for Chevron Shipping. He has held numerous other positions at Chevron including, vessel master, U.S. fleet marine superintendent, and port superintendent. He revised and updated Chevron’s Master’s and Deck Officer’s Manual. He is also an instructor and presenter at Chevron’s Master’s Seminars. He is a member of the Nautical Institute and a certified United States Coast Guard master and first class pilot.

ROLPH, JAMES 111 1931 – 1941
Insurance Executive, 1931 Rolph, Landis and Ellis, 345 Sansome Street. 1936 Hinchman, Rolph and Landis, 345 Sansome Street.

Director of the law firm of Crosby, Heafey, roach and May, since 1969. He is a member of the California Bar Association, Bay Area Tumor Institute Board, Bay Area Council Board, Chairman of BARTA and Vice Chair of Holy Names College Board. Mr. Rosequist earned a bachelor of arts degree from Occidental College and a jurist doctorate degree from Hastings College of Law.

SANDERS, BEVERLY C. 1852 – 1853
Banker, Sanders and Brenham. 1852 Collector for the Port of San Francisco. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance. 1853 President San Francisco Gas Works. 1854 Banking Office at 129 Montgomery Street.

Commander U. S. Navy, Retired. Insurance Executive. Served in the U. S. Navy and Revenue Service. Had arctic duty in the famous Revenue Cutter “Bear”. World War One served in battleships and submarines.

SIMONSEN, HENRY W. 1956 – 1967
Shipmaster. Business Executive. President Industrial Tank, Inc. First Class Pilot, San Francisco Bay and Tributaries to Stockton and Sacramento. 1943-1947 Master SS. Edwin B. De Golia and Port Captain, Deconhill Steamship Company. 1948-1949 Consultant, Bureau of Ships, U. S. Navy, Washington D. C. Member National Harbors and Rivers Commission, Northern California Marine Affairs Conference, Chairman 1961-1965, San Francisco Bay Area Council, Contra Costa Development Association, Director Marine Exchange 1960-1964.

SIMPTON, GEORGE 1851 – 1851, 1854 – 1854
Shipmaster 1850-1851. 1861-1862 San Francisco Bar Pilot. 1851 Harbormaster, 1854 Port Warden, 1856-1857 U. S. Custom Service. Arrived San Francisco October 1849.

SITTS, MICHAEL 2005 – 2006
Manager of the International Mooring Group for the Chevron Shipping Company. Previously, Sitts served 19 years with Chevron USA Marine where he ended his tenure as Third Officer to Master serving on petroleum tankers including piloting on the waters of the San Francisco Bay. He is a member of the Council of American Master Mariners.

SOERES, JULIO end date 27 Feb 09
of Danville, has been appointed to the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo and Suisun. He has served as Director of Marine Operations in the Americas region for American President Lines, a fleet management company, since 1995.

Prior to that, Captain Soares served in several capacities with American President Lines, including manager of fleet and logistics in Hong Kong from 1990 to 1995, country manager of India Operations from 1988 to 1990, country manager of Sri Lanka Operations from 1986 to 1988 and manager of West Asia Operations from 1983 to 1986.

STEVENS, LEVI 1868 – 1870
Shipmaster. Shipping and Commission Merchant.

STROUP, CLYDE B. 1998 – 1999
Marine Manager for Orient Oversees Container Line (OOCL USA) Inc., a position he has held since 1989. In this capacity, he has been in charge of OOCL’s Oakland operations and is currently responsible for the scheduling and terminal operations of nine dry cargo container ships and tug contractors. He previously served as a ship agent for Interocean Steamship Corporation, a maritime agency from 1978 to 1989. In this position, he acted as port captain for cargo operations for the West Coast. From 1973 to 1977 he was a manager for APL Marine Operations in Taiwan. He sailed in the United States Merchant Marines as a deck officer from 1966 to 1970 and served in the United States Naval Reserve from 1968 to 1970. He earned a bachelor’s degree in nautical science from the California Maritime Academy in 1966.

SUTTON OWEN PAUL 1851 – 1852
Merchant. Business partner of John Geary last Alcalde and first Mayor of San Francisco. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance. Arrived San Francisco April 1849

THOMAS, ARTHUR 1993 – 2000
San Francisco Bar Pilot since 1972 and has served as president of the SFBP Association from 1980 to 1985 and from 1990 to 1992. Previously from 1969-1972 he served as marine superintendent and port captain for States Steamship Company. From 1964 to 1969 he held the position of master/assistant port captain on a number of vessels for States Steamship Company. He also served as vice president in the American Pilots Association and the International Maritime Pilots Association.

THOMAS, JOSEPH B. 1852 – 1854
Importer. Shipping and Commission Merchant.

THOMPSON, ANDREW 1923 – 1925
Shipmaster. U. S. Naval officer World War One. Commanded the SS. San Juan and SS. Columbia for the Pacific Mail Company. San Francisco Bar Pilot 1925-1943.

THOMPSON, WILDES THOMAS 1862 – 1862, 1864 – 1867
Shipmaster. 1839 Commanded the ship “Queen Victoria” named in honor of Queen Victoria’s Coronation. Brother of Captain Francis A. Thompson of the Brig “Pilgrim” when Richard Henry Dana, Jr., author of “Two Years Gefore the Mast” was aboard as sailor. 1853 Harbor Master. 1870 Secretary to the Pilot Commission. Member of the 1851 and 1856 Committe on Vigilance.

TOBIAS, ALBERT J. 1858 – 1858
Importer and Commission Merchant. In 1852 the A. J. Tobias Company, Importers was located at Sacramento and Montgomery Streets.

TOWNSEND, ANDREW 1944 – 1948
Shipmaster. Marine Superintendent, Matson Navigation Company.

TRASK, ALDEN T. 1872 – 1875, 1891 – 1895
Marine Surveyor, Commercial insurance of California.

Shipbroker, 210 Battery Street. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigiiance.

TYSON, MITCHELL 1942 – 1944
Shipmaster. 1899-1942 San Francisco Bar Pilot.

WAGNER, NANCY 2001 – 2009
San Francisco Bar Pilot since 1987 and became a full pilot in 1990. Prior to that she was with Exxon Shipping Company (Ship Officer-Oil Tanker) from 1978 – 1987. Captain Wagner holds licenses for Sate Pilot, United States Coast Guard Unlimited Master, and First Class Fleet/SF Bay and Tributaries. She is a member of the San Francisco National Maritime Museum Association, Women in Transportation, St. Francisco Yacht Club, Council of American master Mariners, american Pilots Association, Women’s Propeller Club Ports of New York and San Francisco and the USMMA Alumni Association. Captain Wagner earned a bachelor of science degree from the US Merchant Marine Academy. In May 2000, Captain Wagner was appointed by governor Davis to the San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority, Board of Directors.

Since 1991, he has been a pilot with the San Francisco Bar Pilots Association. Previously, he was a trainee pilot with the State of California as well as chief officer of the American President Lines. He is a member of the American Pilot Association and International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots.

WALLACE, GEORGE E. 1920 – 1923
Shipmaster. 1894-1920 San Francisco Bar Pilot.

WALTON, A. S. 1925 – 1931
Captain, U. S. Navy, Retired.

WATSON, DONALD 1969 – 1973

WATSON, HORACE H. 1883 – 1886
Marine Surveyor, State investment and insurance Company.

WAUGH, GREGG 1987 – 1993
A fourth generation native San Franciscan, Capt. Waugh Served in the U. S. Coast Guard before embarking on a maritime career as a deckhand on the tugs of the Crowley Maritime fleet in 1965. By 1976, he rose to the rank of Captain/Pilot on the Redstack Tugs. Serving for one year in 1980 as a U. S. Navy harbor pilot becoming certified as “Carrier Qualified”, he then became a San Francisco Bar Pilot in 1981. Capt. Waugh served as a Pilot Commissioner from 1985 to 1993, as a member of the commission pilot evaluation committee from 1988 to 1995, and as President of the Bar Pilots for 1995 and 1996.

WEGMANN, KAREN 1994 – 1996
Executive vice president for Wells Fargo Bank, a position she has held since 1987. She has been with the bank in senior management position since 1981. She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. She serves on the board of directors of the California Community Reinvestment Corporation and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.


WELCH, DENNIS 2001 – 2005
San Francisco Bar Pilot since 1987. He hold licenses for California Pilot and United States Coast guard Master. Captain Welch is a member of the Council of American Master Mariners, Masters, Mates and Pilots, and the American Pilots Association. He earned a bachelor of science degree from the California Maritime Academy.

WELLS, SAMUEL P. 1872 – 1875
Shipmaster. Marine Surveyor, Union Insurance Company.

WELSH, CHARLES 1852 – 1854
Hides and Skins, 74 California Street.


WHITE, W. F. 1850 – 1850
Importer, White Brothers.

WILLIAMS, HENRY G. 1883 – 1886
Real Estate.

WILLITSTUN, CORY 1880 – 1881
Shipmaster. Marine Surveyor, Firemans Fund Insurance Company.

WINN, SCOTT 2000 – 2005
Manager of Marine Operations, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (America) Inc. since 1991. Prior to that, he served as stowage coordinator and boarding agent for Williams, Diamond an d Company in Long Beach and Seattle. From 1983 to 1986, Mr. Winn was chief officer for the Digicon Geophysical Corporation. He earned a bachelor of science degree from the California Maritime Academy. Mr. Winn is a licensed U.S. Merchant marine Officer and a member of the Royal Hawaian Ocean Racing Club.

Naval.Officer, Shipmaster, Importer and Lighterage Business. Son of the author of the “Old Oaken Bucket”. 1834-1838 Ship’s clerk to the south seas, shipwrecked on Madagascar. 1838-1841 Midshipman USS. Ohio on Mediterranean Station. 1841-1846 Naval Officer on the West Indies and African Stations. 1846 Crossed the plains to Oregon. 1847 Came to California. Member of the Donner Rescue Party. In the Mexican War Commanded the troop ships “Warren” and “Anita”. State Senator from Monterey County to the first two legislatures. Was instrumental in breaking up a gang of thieves and murderers in Monterey County. Member of the 1851 Committee on Vigilance. 1865 commanded the USS Narragansett.

WYSE, NICHOLAS H. 1850 – 1850, 1859 – 1860
Shipmaster. 1854 Port Warden.

YOUNG, WILLIAM C. 1891 – 1895
Cashier, Oregon Improvement Company.


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